You already know me,

but if you clicked here I assume that you want to know more. Right now I'm in high school and I am interested in arts, coding, reading, writing and video gaming. All of my hobbies go in whole different directions, as you can tell :) I'm trying to improve myself in every field but it's impossible, because I'm a human not a machine. And I suck at video gaming, that is the honest truth. Still, I enjoy playing and losing it. That's actually the reason why I'm writing this. I act like I'm in my middle ages and having a crisis because I realized my career is not for me and it’s too late to go back. The fact that I’m fifteen and just worried about my future is something expected. The only unusual thing is this idea led me to create a website and a podcast. 


This blog is basically going to be the online documentation of my life. Or a journal, if you want to call it like that. But one of my wishes is to reach out to people who think like me or think against me. Someone that I can logically maintain an argument with. Or just wants to hang out at a cozy place that can find any topic he or she can imagine. I know not all of us listen to podcasts. In case you want to look at it, don’t hesitate to drop by.

And I'm always open for ideas, if you want to see a topic on this page I will write it about it. It can be anything, just write or message me. I will be glad to do a research.

Even if we are ten people I would like to open a discord server for this community. I'm sure that we are going to get bigger. Tell me if you will also like to join the server.